About Us

The 21st century is widely acclaimed as the information age and the significant role radio plays in this arena cannot be understated. The emergence of an FM station serves as a medium through which the vulnerable and hard to reach population express and share their views, thoughts, problems and prospect to the mainstream population. Unfortunately, the ancient town of Salaga lacks the services of a strategic and effective FM Station that would allow the inhabitants of Salaga express their views on some developmental issues affecting them.

Management of Magyk Media Group Co.Ltd. That has its CEO as a true son of the historic town, thought it wise to extend its branch of operations to Salaga. Currently Magyk Radio is live on air via online in Accra and has been in operation for 8 years.

The experience and professionalism exalted by this medium would be same when it starts its operation soon in Salaga. The company stands on a firm mission and vision.


To provide unique radio content and programming, tailored for the community, that will captivate listeners and thus creating oppotunity for institutions to thrive through radio programs and advertisements, resulting in profitability and community environment.


To become the voice of Salaga and a tool for community development that is sustainable and profitable to stakeholders by providing programming that is sensitive to the religious, economic, cultural and political environment.

Radio whether commercial or community plays a major role in the development agenda of communities within which it operates. We the youth of Salaga must seize with the opportunity that comes with the radio. The advent of a strategic and effective radio in Salaga would among other things;

  • Shape the culture, norms and values, thoughts of our people
  • It would also help to avail the utilities and amenities for various developmental aspect of our society such as education, health, water and sanitation, address social issues at the community level and connect our people to the wider population.
  • Radio undoubtedly, helps to ensure people’s right to information and community participation by expressing the voice and thoughts of the grassroots people in the development process.
  • Radio can equally, facilitates the vulnerable groups in our society by raising their voice, focusing their problems, expressing their modern updated ideas and thinking for the development of their communities.
  • It facilitates also the local communities to share their own understandings and to critically examine social issues and policies affecting their day to day lives


Tahiru Ibrahim Junior

5 years working experience with Ghana Revenue Authority -Customs Division
Chief executive officer of Magyk Group of Companies
Member of the Ghana Fusion center under the office of the president
Member of the Ghana boarder security agency
MBA Petroleum Accounting and Finance UPSA
BA Communication studies UDS
Para Military Course Customs Academy
11 years of Radio experience
4 years with UDS Campus Radio
1 year with Radio Progress WA
5 months with Kan Fm 95.7 Salaga
5 years with Magyk Radio Accra-an online Medium